Quantum Spoken English - Beginners

अंग्रेज़ी बोलिए, अंग्रेज़ी की तरह बोलिए.

Quantum Spoken English Course is one of a kind English Speaking Course to improve your Communication Skills with unique English Grammar Tips along with Phonetics to speak fluent English. Experience Spoken English in the real sense of Spoken English. वैसे यदि मैं इस Course की तारीफ़ में लिखने लगा तो पूरा Page भर जाएगा किंतु आनंद तो तब है जब आप हमारे Sample Modules को लगा कर खुद यह निर्णय सुनायें कि यह Course कितनी तारीफ़ का पात्र है. On official YouTube Channel 3 Sample Modules are Given to make an Opinion b4 joining the full Course. हाँ बस इतना अवश्य कहना चाहूँगा कि हम ले जाएँगे आपको ता है, ती है, ते हैं की दुनिया से दूर एक अति रोमांचक सफ़र पर जहां ढेर सारी कहानियाँ व्याकरण के अनोखे fundamentals के साथ आपको सक्षम बनाती हैं, अंग्रेज़ी बोलने के लिए ताकि तब जब ज़रूरत पड़े तो बिना सोचे आपके मुखारविंद से अंग्रेज़ी निकले बिलकुल वैसे जैसे आप Fluently हिंदी बोलते हैं. See you in the Classes!

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Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Module 02 ख़त्म^x = Have

  • 3

    Module 03 ख़त्म^ y = Out 1½ घंटे का दायरा

    • Section M3S1 Phrasal Expressions

    • Section M3S2 Phrasal Expressions

    • Section M3S3 Concept of did = Simple Past

    • Quiz Time Module 03 S1S2S3

  • 4

    Module 04 Life में शामिल

    • Section M4S1 Phrasal Expressions

    • Section M4S2 Talking about Weather

    • Section M4S3 Concept of do/does = Simple Present

    • Quiz Time Module 04 S1S2S3

  • 5

    Module 05 आने वाला समय

    • Section M5S1 Formal Wellbeing Conversation Modified

    • Section M5S2 Phrasal Expressions

    • Section M5S3 Concept of will = Simple Future

    • Quiz Time Module 05 S1S2S3

  • 6

    Module 06 Grammar: Tenses

    • Section M6S1 Spelling, Sentence Anatomy & Conceptual s/es

    • Section M6S2 Present Tense

    • Section M6S3 Past Tense

    • Section M6S4 Future Tense

    • Section M6S5 Why to study Perfect Continuous Tenses?

    • Section M6S6 Perfect Continuous Tenses

    • Section M6S7 Concept of since/for

  • 7

    Module 07 Vocabulary Building

    • Section M7S1 Time Essentials

    • Section M7S2 Routine Essentials

    • Section M7S3 Kitchen Essentials

  • 8

    Module 08 अब की Power & तब की Power

    • Section M8S1 Concept of Modals & Super Modal

    • Section M8S2 Concept of 4Powers = Can

    • Section M8S3 Concept of 4Powers = Could

  • 9

    Module 09 अब की चाहत & तब की चाहत

    • Section M9S1 Casual Wellbeing Conversation

    • Section M9S2 Concept of Double Actions = want

    • Section M9S3 Concept of Double Actions = wanted

  • 10

    Module 10 ख़त्म^ z = Past Habitual Actions

    • Section M10S1 Phrasal Expressions

    • Section M10S2 Once again 02 ख़त्म^x & ख़त्म^ y

    • Section M10S3 Concept of Double Actions = used to

  • 11

    Module 11 Should or Must ≠ चाहिए-चाहिए

    • Section M11S1 Good Telephonic Conversation

    • Section M11S2 Should or Must = Good Vs Very Good

    • Section M11S3 Actions Vs Double Actions

  • 12

    Module 12 Complete Introduction & Interview Skills

    • Section M12S1 Speaking the Raw One

    • Section M12S2 Creating the Complete One

    • Section M12S3 Speaking the Complete One

  • 13

    Module 13 Grammar: Sequence of Tenses

    • Section M13S1 Rule 1

    • Section M13S2 Rule 2

    • Section M13S3 Conversations Correction

  • 14

    Module 14 Vocabulary Building

    • Section M14S1 Wardrobe Essentials

    • Section M14S2 Washroom Essentials

    • Section M14S3 Architecture Essentials

  • 15

    Module 15 Let का सहयोग

    • Section M15S1 Phrasal Expression

    • Section M15S2 Beginning of Let

    • Section M15S3 Conclusion of Let

  • 16

    Module 16 Let का भाई Get with friend v3

    • Section M16S1 Concept of Let it be

    • Section M16S2 Beginning of Get

    • Section M16S3 Conclusion of Get

  • 17

    Module 17 Conceptual Routine System

    • Section M17S1 Daily Routine

    • Section M17S2 Yesterday Routine

    • Section M17S3 Tomorrow Routine

    • Section M17S4 Application of Routine System

    • Section M17S5 Speaking Routine System with fillers

  • 18

    Module 18 Action to No-Action

    • Section M18S1 No-Action Application A

    • Section M18S2 No-Action Application B

    • Section M18S3 Pen to Parliament & Bionic Tree

  • 19

    Module 19 Tag Questions

    • Section M19S1 Contractions in Spoken English

    • Section M19S2 Interrogation & Negation

    • Section M19S3 Tags?

  • 20

    Module 20 Conditional Sentences

    • Section M20S1Conditional Sentences Type A

    • Section M20S2 Conditional Sentences Type B

    • Section M20S3 Conditional Sentences Type C

    • Section M20S4 Garnishing of Conditionals

    • Section M20S5 Creating Story: If I were a bird

  • 21

    Module 21 Vocabulary Building

    • Section M21S1 Science Essentials

    • Section M21S2 Politics Essentials

    • Section M21S3 Religion Essentials

  • 22

    Module 22 Science of Pronunciation: Phonetics

    • Section M22S1 20 Vowel Sounds

    • Section M22S2 24 Consonant Sounds

    • Section M22S3 Application of Phonetics

  • 23

    Module 23 A Visit to Mall Road - The Course Story

    • Section M23S1 Drafting the Story

    • Section M23S2 The Story Production: Coherence

    • Section M23S3 Speaking the Story

  • 24

    Module 24 Concept of BE BEEN BEING

    • Section M24S1 Usage of Be

    • Section M24S2 Usage of Been

    • Section M24S3 Usage of Being

  • 25

    Module 25 Determiners & Prepositions

    • Section M25S1 Essential Adjectives

    • Section M25S2 Articles a/an

    • Section M25S3 Article the

    • Section M25S4 Prepositions Anatomy

    • Section M25S5 Prepositions of Time

    • Section M25S6 Prepositions of Place

    • Section M25S7 Prepositions of Manner & Agents

  • 26

    Module 26 Soft Grammar Essentials

    • Section M26S1 Punctuations

    • Section M26S2 Modals

    • Section M26S3 Conjunctions

  • 27

    Module 27 Concept of Voice Change

    • Section M27S1 Why to Study Voices?

    • Section M27S2 Simple Voice Change

    • Section M27S3 Complex Voice Change

    • Section M27S4 Miscellaneous Voice Change

    • Section M27S5 Business Communication: You Attitude

  • 28

    Module 28 Spoken English & Non-finites

    • Section M28S1 Infinitives in Spoken English

    • Section M28S2 Participles in Spoken English

    • Section M28S3 Gerund in Spoken English

  • 29

    Module 29 Narrations: The Reported Speech

    • Section M29S1 Why to Study Narrations?

    • Section M29S2 Simple Narrations

    • Section M29S3 Complex Narrations

    • Section M29S4 Miscellaneous Narrations

    • Section M29S5 Application of Narrations in Interviews

  • 30

    Module 30 Draft to Speak Exercises & Certification

    • Section M30S1 Exercise 1

    • Section M30S2 Exercise 2

    • Section M30S3 Exercise 3

    • Section M30S4 Exercise 4

    • Section M30S5 Exercise 5

    • Section M30S6 Exercise 6

    • Section M30S7 Exercise 7

    • Section M30S8 Exercise 8

    • Section M30S9 Exercise 9

    • Progress Check & Self Evaluation

Get Bonus Learning Material

During the Course & After the Course free Access to the Supporting YouTube Content on Our Official Channel

  • Playlist: how2Pronounce?

    This Playlist contains a Series of generally mispronounced words while avoiding any demographical accent but following International Phonetic System. Explanations are simple and bilingual for Hindi Speakers. Good command over the language means Good Command over Grammar as well as Pronunciation.

  • Playlist: Objective English

    This Playlist contains a Series of Objective English Questions taken from sundry Competitive Examinations. This will be a great resource to practise the learnt fundamentals during the Quantum Spoken English Course while preparing for some Govt Job Entrance Exams. Level of MCQs discussed is from Clerical to UPSC-IAS Exams.

  • Playlist: how2Say?

    This Playlist contains daily use sentences where we usually get stuck and also it has already achieved the Collection of 100 Videos full of different Grammatical & Phonetic fundamentals. After the Spoken English Course it would be a great help to revise all the learnt fundamentals through short videos via YouTube Channel.

Students' Testimonials

the Vox Populi

"This is what I had been waiting for - the Best Spoken English Course"

Vikas - Director Marketing & Advertisement @ Bionic Education Next Pvt Ltd

Being the Marketing & Advertisement Director at Bionic Education Next Pvt Ltd since 2009 I have seen Vikram Sir the Founder Director burning midnight oil while developing his Offline Innovative Classes into Online Spoken English Course. 2013 the Payment Gateways were a mess and 2016 the Internet Speed was an obstacle but now in 2020 when the best resources are there, the Course is here. Be a part of Our 3000+ students community.

"Let's begin a Journey from the word Grammer to Grammar"

Kanika Sharma - MBA HR Manager

I was always afraid of speaking English before joining Bionic Academy but now I have improved a lot and I'm not only confident but I can express myself easily. Thanks to Vikram Sir who brought such a cool course that totally changed the definition of so Called "English Speaking Course" I was amazed that earlier I was floating in "Grammer" and the whole world was moving around "Grammar"; without joining this course you won't be able to understand this. It's not just a course it's a mystery.... More deep you go the more you will find. If you want to get out of that Old Grammer Pond just join this course and see the real Universe of real Grammar.

"An Awesome Spoken English Course - अंग्रेज़ी बोलिए, अंग्रेज़ी की तरह बोलिए."

Mahinder Rakta - MBA

I had been very much fond of English Language since my School days but Hindi Medium could not give me right exposure. During Graduation I happened to meet Vikram Sir and joined this Course. It is awesome, you can say nothing like it. What a style of Teaching! Classes are full of Motivational Lectures due to which I got confidence to further join MBA and today working in Tourism Sector successfully. You know what, this course is value for money as well as time. No second thought is required to join it. Enjoy Learning in a unique way!

"The Best Spoken English Course for हिंदी Medium Students"

Priyanka Daroch - Homemaker & IELTS Aspirant

I have been a हिंदी medium student during School & studied everything in English since 2011 as I opted Science in College but I never had confidence to communicate in English. I was always afraid that I'll say something incorrect or I'll fumble during my speech but as soon as I joined Bionic Academy I learnt Grammar step by step, commonly used phrases, advance English and much more. It really transformed my life now I can speak English fluently and also can spot errors while the others are speaking. The course added a whole new attitude to my life and I'm really grateful to have mentor like Vikram Sir! I must say just join the Course without any second thought.

"This Spoken English Course is really Psychological & Mathematical"

Chetan Raj - ITI Student

I have attended free Workshop at Campus of Bionic Academy and want to tell you that this Spoken English Course is really Psychological and Mathematical. मैंने कभी सोचा भी नहीं था कि English सिखाने के लिए Mathematics का भी Use हो सकता है. जैसे-जैसे मैं Course attend करता जा रहा हूँ, एक Sequence में मेरी Knowledge बढ़ती जा रही है और मेरी hesitation to speak English कम होती जा रही है. Thank you Sir for Launching it Online. इस Course के बारे में मैं कहना चाहूँगा: It's awesome! It's amazing, nothing like it. It's simply terrific!

"You will Love the teaching style of our Instructor Vikram Sir"

Sanjay Kanwar - Graduate & Self Employed

Before I joined this course, my English was not good but after attending Quantum Spoken English Classes, not only my Spoken English has been improved but also Written English is improving day by day. Here I loved the teaching style of our Instructor Vikram Sir. He presents his content in such a great way that anyone can understand the concepts very easily. It is a worth attending course. I would recommend this course to all those who want to improve English.

"Glad that the Course is Launched. It's time to make most of it!"

Bhumika Sood - Project Manager @ Bionic Education Next Pvt Ltd

Though I have attended the Offline Campus Classes of this Course but the New Sequence, New Storylines and Innovative Quiz Sections have successfully made this Spoken English more useful for English Learners. Price is low but the Quality is Sky High. You will fall in love with English Grammar, I assure you. Also useful for Competitive Examinations preparations. Don't think twice, it's worth joining Spoken English Course.